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Thread: RtL's Book Sale - Remaining Books REDUCED!!

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    RtL's Book Sale - Remaining Books REDUCED!!

    The remaining books are reduced about 25%

    Attached are a nice group of books for summer reading at a fraction of retail new prices. I have a large number of books on World War II and military history, as well as other subjects. Watch carefully, as there are several “bundle offers to be had! Note especially the special section on Pearl Harbor and the early Pacific War!

    A) Payment can be made by check or money order. I may have to hold checks until they clear unless you are known to me. Paypal can be used, but a 4% premium will be added to offset fees charged by Paypal unless you do it as a gift/family.

    B) All prices do not include shipping. Shipping is done by USPS Media Mail, which I have found economical and secure and now comes with tracking numbers. I will quote a shipping price, when you make an offer. Insurance is optional. Although I pack and ship very carefully, I can’t be responsible if you don’t insure large purchases.

    C) Books vary in condition and I do my best to describe them properly. Books are hard-backed unless otherwise mentioned. Any questions will be gladly answered. I will also provide reasonable pictures of the books or their content if you want. Obviously, “I’ll take it” trumps over “Can you send me more information?” 

    D) When you contact me about these books, please inquire by book title, not number. You can contact me through this forum or at – (remove dashes)

    E) Books are for sale on several forums. When two people offer to buy the same book or books, the earlier email/PM is considered first. I try to update this list to show purchased books at least once a day.

    I. “Rick’s Picks”

    1) “The Oxford Companion to American Military History 1st Edition” by John Chambers. With more than 900 pages and 1,100 entries written by some 500 distinguished contributors, The Oxford Companion to American Military History is "the most comprehensive treatment of American military history ever compiled". Ex. to near new, $8.95 REDUCED to $6.70

    2) “The Fall of Berlin” by Anthony Beevor. A detailed history of the last few months on the Russianicon front by one of the best modern military historians. Very detailed. Ex- to near new trade ppk., $4.95 REDUCED to $3.70

    3) “From My Foxhole to Tokyo” by Bob LeRoy. A “self-published” book by a “preacher paratrooper” with the 11th Airborne Division in the Philippines during WWII. VG-Ex. trade ppk. $5.95 REDUCED to $4.50

    4) “Vengeance!: The Vultee Vengeance Dive Bomber” by Pater Smith. Describes the Vultee Vengeance dive bomber, its development in the United States, and its use in World War II, chiefly by the Britishicon and the Australians. MANY photos! A “one off” dive bomber. NEW in plastic jacket. $10.00 REDUCED to $7.50

    II. Pearl Harbor, Philippines and Early Pacific War

    1) “The U.S.iconArizona: The Ship and the Men” by Joy Waldron. Using eyewitness accounts of the bombing and the sinking, the authors narrate the compelling history of the USS Arizona before, during, and after the attack, and describe the Arizona Memorial's legacy today. Ppk, near new, $4.50 REDUCED to $3.35

    2) “Pearl Harbor: Final Judgement” by Henry Clausen. This detailed book reveals all of the eye-opening details of Clausen’s investigation and is a damning account of massive intelligence failure. To this day, the story surrounding the Japaneseicon attack on Pearl Harbor stokes controversy and conspiracy theories. 450+ pages. Trade ppk., Ex-near new, $6.95 REDUCED to $5.25

    3) “Betrayal at Pearl Harbor” by James Rusbridger. Examines events and Japanese naval code transmissions preceding the attack on Pearl Harbor to raise new questions concerning Winston Churchill's advance knowledge of the attack. Trade ppk., Near new, $4.50 REDUCED to $3.35

    4) “And I Was There” by Edwin Layton. The former Pacific Fleet intelligence officer recounts the deciphering of Japanese codes before Pearl Harbor, the failures and mishaps that contributed to the disaster, and intelligence activities in the Pacific. Trade ppk, Ex, $6.00 REDUCED to $4.50

    5) “East Wind Rain” by Elliot Thorpe. East Wind, Rain is the WW2 memoir (published 1969) of Brigadier General Elliot Thorpe, who served as head of counterintelligence in General MacArthur's Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) command in WW2. Before the war started, Thorpe had served as lend-lease commissioner and military attaché to the Netherlands East Indies. G-VG - $5.95 REDUCED to $4.50

    6) “Fall of the Philippines” by Ward Rutherford. One of the popular “Ballantine’s Illustrated History” series of the battle for the Philippines. Numerous photos and drawings. Trade ppk., VG, $4.95 REDUCED to $3.75

    7) “Corregidor: The End of the Line” by Eric Morris. Reenacts the events of the Bataan and Corregidor battles of World War II through the eyes of the doctors, nurses, and soldiers interviewed after the war. VG-Ex. (no dust jacket), $5.95 REDUCED to $4.50

    8) “Ghost Soldiers” by Hampton Sides. On January 28, 1945, 121 hand-selected U.S. troops slipped behind enemy lines in the Philippines. Their mission: March thirty rugged miles to rescue 513 POWs languishing in a hellish camp, among them the last survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March. The best-selling book. VG-Ex, $6.95 REDUCED to $5.25

    9) “Counting the Days: POWs, Internees and Stragglers of World War II in the Pacific” by Craig Smith. Counting the Days is the story of six prisoners of war imprisoned by both sides during the conflict the Japanese called the "Pacific War." As in all wars, the prisoners were civilians as well as military personnel. Two of the POWS were captured at Guam. Ex-Lib but in excellent condition. $7.95 REDUCED to $5.95

    10) “In the Shadow of the Rising Sun” by Alice Furman. A rare book about a young “Ameriasian” woman in the Philippines with three small children, whose husband has joined the guerrillas. He joined in frequently in attacks on the Japanese. But she has those three young mouths … Near new trade paperback, $20.00 REDUCED to $15.00

    III. World War II:

    1) “Kamikaze: Japan’s Suicide Samurai” by Raymond Lamont-Brown. Comprehensive coverage of a complex and apparently wholly alien strategy Technical as well as psychological details Actual attacks described in full Includes human torpedoes. Trade ppk., $4.95 REDUCED to $3.50

    2) “Live It Again – 1942” (no author). A sentimental picture book journey back in time with rare and exclusive images, ads, and comics, readers can look back in time at the “current” events from 1942. Taken from the pages of the Saturday Evening Post Magazine. 127 pp. Near new, $7.50 REDUCED to $5.00

    3) “Implacable Foes: The War in the Pacific, 1944-1945. By Waldo Heinrichs. . On May 8, 1945, Victory in Europe Day-shortened to "V.E. Day"-brought with it the demise of Nazi Germanyicon. But for the Allies, the war was only half-won. Exhausted but exuberant American soldiers, ready to return home, were sent to join the fighting in the Pacific, which by the spring and summer of 1945 had turned into a gruelling campaign of bloody attrition against an enemy determined to fight to the last man. Germany had surrendered unconditionally. The Japanese would clearly make the conditions of victory extraordinarily high. NEW! $12.50 REDUCED to $9.35

    4) “1939: The Alliance That Never Was” by Ivan Dee. At a crucial point in the twentieth century, as Nazi Germany prepared for war, negotiations between Britain, France, and the Soviet Union became the last chance to halt Hitler’s aggression. Incredibly, the Frenchicon and British governments dallied, talks failed, and in August 1939 the Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact with Germany. Ex-Library, but excellent cond., $7.00 REDUCED to $5.25

    5) “Crossing the Line: A Bluejacket’s World War II Odyssey” by Alvin Kernan. In this memoir of life aboard aircraft carriers during World War II, Alvin Kernan combines vivid recollections of his experience as a young enlisted sailor with a rich historical account of the Pacific war. Kernan served in many battles and was aboard the Hornet when it was sunk by torpedoes in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Best seller, Trade ppk., near new, 6.95 REDUCED to $5.25

    6) “The War With Japan” by H.P. Willmott. From May 1942 to October 1943, the Japanese and the United States engaged in a series of fierce clashes in the Southwest Pacific. Both the U.S. and Japanese forces were evenly matched, and their troops fought one another to exhaustion. This engrossing book looks at the war with Japan, focusing on this "period of balance" between American and Japanese forces. One of the best “analytical historians” I have read. Rare in this edition, Near new trade ppk., 10.00 REDUCED to $7.50

    7) Time Capsule – WWII (two vols). The “Time Capsule” Series that condenses the year, as reported in Time Magazine. Organized into the subjects of the year such as U S. at War and World Battlefronts along with perennial topics such as People, Religion, Science and others, it catalogues the events of a most significant year along with a few that are so trivial as to be humorous. Here we read about the things that people thought was important at the time. $5.00 ea. or both for $8.00. VG-ex. REDUCED to $3.75 ea or both for $6.00

    IV. General Military History and General History:

    1) “Able Seamen: The Lower Deck of the Royal Navy, 1850-1939” by Brian Lavery. This engaging social history of the Royal Navy's 'lower deck.' Able Seamen addresses a range of issues central to the evolution of the seaman through 89 years of change. Readable, engaging and authoritative, it chronicles an important stage in the history of the Royal Navy and illuminates the inherent adaptability of the lower deck, as new technologies demanded increased professionalism, specialization, and training. Very detailed. NEW! $12.50 REDUCED to $9.35

    V. Fiction

    1) Patrick McManus books -

    --“The Grasshopper Trap” – Outdoor humorist Patrick McManus at the top of his game. In my opinion his best collection of stories including my favorite, “Gun Running” (Sneaking a new gun past a suspicious spouse! ) Near new trade ppk., $5.95 REDUCED to $4.95
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