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Thread: .410 RFI Musket.

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    .410 RFI Musket.

    This should not be confused with the many smooth bored and rechambered .410 shotguns that were done for the civilian market.
    "The .410 Musket cartridge was approved in India in September 1927 and is basically a brass .303 cartridge case which has not been necked or sized down, but remains straight cased" (Skennertonicon the Lee Enfield p473).
    Although appearing similar the standard .410 shotgun shell will not chamber in this gun.
    This particular example started life as a 1917 dated LSA & Co Ltd Sht LE III, as shown on the right hand side of the butt socket, it was converted in 1933 at RFI in 1933 and is so marked on the left hand side of the butt socket.
    It is all matching with serial numbers on the barrel, action, bolt, nose cap and woodwork and appears to be original with the exception of the butt which has been changed.
    It exhibits some very well executed repairs to the fore end top wood as well as the wooden insert that replaces the magazine which acts as a loading platform and is held in place by two transverse wooden dowels.
    The "Ishy" screw has also been fitted, I can only assume when it was still a .303 as I can't see what good it would been in its present rather neutered state.
    The musket is very well marked and for those in the UKicon who might be interested I have included pictures of the proof marks that were applied when it went through the Birmingham proof house, you can see that the action, barrel bolt and bolt head have all been stamped.
    I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Gil who managed to send me a deactivated round quite legally from the US which appears next to a standard .303 round for comparison, I have never seen one in the UK but I am sure that they must be around somewhere.

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