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Thread: Long Branch sniper No.4 Mk. I*(T) with C No. 67 Mk. I scope

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    Long Branch sniper No.4 Mk. I*(T) with C No. 67 Mk. I scope

    I am happy to announce that I have finally reached substantial completion on my Long Branch No. 4 Mk. I*(T) fitted with an R.E.L. C No. 67 Mk. I scope here in Richmond, B.C., Canadaicon.

    The rifle which had once been in the Pattern Room Collection , was one of those sent to Englandicon during WWII for testing. It had acquired an odd assortment of British and American made furniture and an experimental R.E.L. Gimbal 3.5X scope. I purchased this mixed set from the Bob Faris Collection in the USAicon via Poulin's Antiques and Auction Inc. in Maine, USA and repatriated it to Canada via Borderview Firearms Logisitics of Lynden, WA USA and Abbotsford BC Canada.

    An experimental set of Long Branch sniper furniture from the 80L0xxx number range, just before this batch of 80L8xxx sniper rifles were produced, was offered up for sale for the project by "Superbee" in Newfoundland. It has the built in cheek rest, Monte Carlo style.

    "Stencollector" in Manitoba located a C No. 67 Mk. I scope that had come from the estate of a Canadian infantry officer who had served in Korean War. With "stencollector's" help in a three-way deal, the owner, Grant Carlson graciously agreed to part with it.

    "smle addict" in California, was grateful for me having found and having helped him to acquire the matching British made No. 4 Mk. I (T) rifle for his No. 32 scope set, offered to trade his Canadian made No. 15 Mk. I chest to me for a British made one. Naturally I quickly agreed.

    Tom Laffan in Ireland saw my want list on my web site and advised that he had a C No. 67 Mk. I scope, with bracket and the scope case. After a lot of negotiating I finally acquired it and was delighted to see that the case contained the special tool inside and the only rubber eye guard that I know of. This set had been found in a castle in Ireland of all places! The widow of the SOE/OSS veteran owner had surrendered about 52 firearms to the Irish police, so presumably the matching Long Branch rifle was destroyed.

    C No. 67 Mk. I 52-C was in better condition, so it moved over to the bracket 80L8061. Scope 86-C has moved to the collection of "Jawes".

    Still wanted:
    1. Original canvas scope caps (not Indian made replicas). I have a nice leather British set available for such a deal.
    2. Original butt stock for an 80L8xxx rifle. The "standard" style varies slightly from my experimental set.
    3. Bracket and 80L8xxx rifle for my friend "Jawes"

    Question: What happened to the two Griffin & Howe / R.E.L. style mounts that Bab Faris had and are shown in THE BRITISH SNIPER page 183 upper right? I have not seen them come up for sale and would like to buy them to aid in the restoration of my Long Branch Scout Sniper Rifle.

    Photo photos and information on the R.E.L. C No. 67 Mk. I scopes may be viewed on my web site at: R.E.L. C No. 67 MK. I sniper scope www.captainstevens.com
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Name:	80L8006 with C No 67 Mk I scope at range 2018 Aug (3) edited 1024.jpg‎
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    Colin MacGregor Stevens https://www.captainstevens.com WANTED: REL C No. 67 MK. I bracket and scope case; Exptl Long Branch sniper rifle windmill sight & furniture; C/|\ butt with built-in cheek rest; No. 4 Long Branch 71L0451, 28L0844, ASE-xxxx

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    Colin, Congratulations on completing your rifle to shootable status.
    BSN from the Republic of Alberta


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    I had asked on the whereabouts of the small parts (including a few scopes too) from Faris collection. For what I've been able to find out, they had been sold locally by one of those who handled the estate and are gone.

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    Well done Colin, some great detective work & sourcing on your part. I've had a CNo67 scope complete with rings & mount base for more than 25 years, but I've always just missed out whenever I've had a sniff of a suitable rifle. I live in hope....
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    No Christmas presents for you this year then, nor birthday either!

    Were you able to determine the origin of the C67 from Ireland - was it one of those sent to the UKicon for trials in 1944?
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