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Thread: Rick the Librarian's Sept. Book Sale!

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    Rick the Librarian's Sept. Book Sale! UPDATED

    All books reduced, in some cases, quite drastically, over my original asking price. Note that I still have to charge full shipping (the USPS doesn’t give discounts!  ), so you’d do better ordering several!

    Attached are a nice group of books for autumn reading at a fraction of retail new prices. I have a large number of books on World War II and military history, as well as other subjects. Watch carefully, as there are several “bundle offers to be had! Note especially the special section on Pearl Harbor and the early Pacific War!

    A) Payment can be made by check or money order. I may have to hold checks until they clear unless you are known to me. Paypal can be used, but a 4% premium will be added to offset fees charged by Paypal unless you do it as a gift/family.

    B) All prices do not include shipping. Shipping is done by USPS Media Mail, which I have found economical and secure and now comes with tracking numbers. I will quote a shipping price, when you make an offer. Insurance is optional. Although I pack and ship very carefully, I can’t be responsible if you don’t insure large purchases.

    C) Books vary in condition and I do my best to describe them properly. Books are hard-backed unless otherwise mentioned. Any questions will be gladly answered. I will also provide reasonable pictures of the books or their content if you want. Obviously, “I’ll take it” trumps over “Can you send me more information?” 

    D) When you contact me about these books, please inquire by book title, not number. You can contact me through this forum or at –rrsbls@msn.com-- (remove dashes)

    E) Books are for sale on several forums. When two people offer to buy the same book or books, the earlier email/PM is considered first. I try to update this list to show purchased books at least once a day.

    I. “Rick’s Picks”

    1. “Hell to Pay: Operation Downfall and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947.” By D.M. Giangreco. D. M. Giangreco offers the most complete and exhaustively researched consideration of the plans and their implications. He explores related issues of the first operational use of the atomic bomb and the Sovieticon Union's entry into the war, including the controversy surrounding estimates of potential U.S. casualties.
    Following years of intense research at numerous archives, Giangreco now paints a convincing and horrific picture of the veritable hell that awaited invader and defender. Near new, $20.00 REDUCED to $13.50

    4. “When Hollywood Ruled the Skies: The Aviation Film Classic of World War II”, by Bruce Orriss SPF

    5. “Memories and Memorials: The World War II U.S. Navy” by Steve Ewing. Large, picture-type book on the various U.S. Navy ships – those that became memorials, like the Texas, Kidd, Lexington, etc and why others, like the Enterprise, did not. Near new, $7.95 REDUCED to $4.99

    6. “80 Years, A Tribute to the PBY Catalina: The Ultimate Color Album” by Hans Wiesman. depicts over 400 of the best images from the PBY Catalina over the type's full lifespan of 80 years. Including the author s own impressive collection taken during two transatlantic crossings (for the 8-part 'Catalina Odyssey' TV-documentary series). It also features a wealth of photographs from private family albums and professional photographers from all over the world many of them never published before. NEW, oversized, $12.95

    II Pearl Harbor, the Philippines and the Early Pacific War

    1) “Pearl Harbor: Final Judgement” by Henry Clausen. This detailed book reveals all of the eye-opening details of Clausen’s investigation and is a damning account of massive intelligence failure. To this day, the story surrounding the Japaneseicon attack on Pearl Harbor stokes controversy and conspiracy theories. 450+ pages. Trade ppk., Ex-near new, $6.95 REDUCED to $3.99

    2) “Fall of the Philippines” by Ward Rutherford. One of the popular “Ballantine’s Illustrated History” series of the battle for the Philippines. Numerous photos and drawings. Trade ppk., VG, $4.95 REDUCED to $2.95

    3) “Counting the Days: POWs, Internees and Stragglers of World War II in the Pacific” by Craig Smith. Counting the Days is the story of six prisoners of war imprisoned by both sides during the conflict the Japanese called the "Pacific War." As in all wars, the prisoners were civilians as well as military personnel. Two of the POWS were captured at Guam. Ex-Lib but in excellent condition. $7.95 REDUCED to $4.99

    4) “Surviving Bataan and Beyond: Colonel Irvin Alexander’s Odyssey” by D.J. Caraccilo. Few American prisoners of war during World War II suffered more than the group that was captured on the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines. The men were forced to endure the infamous Death March, a series of overcrowded prison camps, and the "hell ships" transporting them to Japan and Korea. Among them was Col. Irvin Alexander, who recounts his harrowing experience as a captive of the Japanese. Near new, $8.95 REDUCED to $6.50

    5. “The Fightin' Texas Aggie Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor” by John Adams SPF

    6. “Mac Arthur and Wainwright” by J.J. Beck. The somewhat convoluted and complicated between the two commanders in the Philippines and their relationship with Henry Stimson, Secretary of War. No d/j, VG-Ex., $7.00 REDUCED to $4.99

    III. World War II: The Pacific

    1. “The Elusive Enemy: US Naval Intelligence and the Japanese Fleet” by Douglas Ford. The Elusive Enemy explores the evolution of U.S. intelligence concerning the combat capabilities of the Imperial Japanese Navy and its air arm during the interwar period and the Pacific War. Ford contends that the US Navy could not accurately determine the fighting efficiency of Japan's forces until it engaged them in combat. NEW! $8.95 REDUCED to $6.95

    2. “Into the Rising Sun: WWII Pacific Veterans”. Patrick O’Donnell. O’Donnell tells the story of the brutal Pacific War, based on hundreds of interviews spanning a decade. The men who fought their way across the Pacific during World War II had to possess something more than just courage. They faced a cruel, fanatical enemy in the Japanese, an enemy willing to use anything for victory, from kamikaze flights to human-guided torpedoes. Near new, $7.503. “Return to Midway” by Robert Ballard. The undersea discoverer of the Titanic and Bismarck returns to find the carrier Yorktown, sunk at Midway. Many photos, paintings and drawings. Ex. to near new, $7.50 REDUCED to $4.99

    3. “Beneath the Waves: The Life and Navy of Edward Beach” by Edward Finch. SPF

    4. “Sweet Pea at War: A History of U.S.iconPortland” by William Generous. With the destructionof most of the U.S. battleship fleet at Pearl Harbor, cruisers such as Sweet Pea carried the biggest guns the Navy possessed for nearly a year after the start of World War II. Sweet Pea at War describes in harrowing detail how Portland and her sisters protected the precious carriers and held the line against overwhelming Japanese naval strength. Near new, $8.95 REDUCED to $5.95

    5) “Fire In the Sky: The Air War in the South Pacific” by Eric Bergerud. Eric Bergerud recreates the fabric of the air war as it was fought in the South Pacific. He explores the technology and tactics, the three-dimensional battlefield, and the leadership, living conditions, medical challenges, and morale of the combatants. VERY detailed 700 page history. VG-Ex. trade ppk., $6.95 REDUCED to $3.95

    6) “Kamikaze: Japan’s Suicide Samurai” by Raymond Lamont-Brown. Comprehensive coverage of a complex and apparently wholly alien strategy Technical as well as psychological details Actual attacks described in full Includes human torpedoes. Trade ppk., $4.95 REDUCED to $2.50

    7. “At War With the Wind” by David Sears. Sears writes affectingly of the terror the "divine wind" campaign wrought on American sailors. Contrasting the fate of several American ships to that of USS Cole in the 2000 al-Qaeda terror attack, he demonstrates the damage that the Imperial Navy suicide bombers wrought. That campaign, he observes, was a mark of having no other options, the American fleet having destroyed most of Japan's and forcing "a stunning new 'backs-against-the-wall' paradigm for modern warfare. Near new, $7.95 REDUCED to $5.00

    ***Bundle Price**** - buy #6 and #7 for just $$6.50

    IV. World War II: European Theatre

    1. “The Royal Oak Disaster” by Gerald Snyder. The Royal, a Britishicon battleship, was sunk shortly after WWII began by Gunter Prien, a U-Boat ace, killing over 800 crewmen on the British ship. This book tells the story of one of the most daring submarine attacks of the war. Ex-near new, plastic covered but NOT ex-library: $6.00 REDUCED to $4.50

    2. “The Luftwaffe (Epic of Flight Series). Traces the history of the German air force during World War II, focusing on flying aces, models of fighters and bombers, and major air battles. Near new, $6.95 REDUCED to $3.99

    3. “Bombers: Profiles of Major Combat Aircraft in Aviation History” by Bill Gunston. Anoversized pictorial history of bombers in military history from the Caproni of WWI to the Swedishicon Viggen. Ex-near new, $6.95 REDUCED to $4.99

    4. “The US Navy Against the Axis: Surface Combat, 1941-1945. By Vincent O’Hara. The U.S. Navy against the Axis tells the story of the U.S. Navy's surface fleet in World War II with an emphasis on ship-to-ship combat. The book refutes the widely-held notion that the attack on Pearl Harbor rendered battleships obsolete and that aviation and submarines dominated the Pacific War. NEW trade paperback, $9.95. REDUCED to $7.50

    V. Military Aviation History:

    1. “Air War Desert Storm” by Lou Drendel. A mostly color oversized Sqaudron/Signal book of the history of the air campaign in Kuwait/Iraq in 1991. Near new, $4.50 REDUCED to $2.95

    2. “Bent & Battered Rotors, Vol. 3” by Walter Mutza. Traces Army, USN, USMC and USAF helicopter pilot encounters with that old aviation saying Any landing you can walk away from... Over 150 photos, 8 pages of color. 64 pages. Rare, trade ppk, oversized Squadron/Signal. $9.95 REDUCED to $7.00

    3. “F102 Delta Dagger (Detail & Scale series)” by Bert Kinzey. F-102 Delta Dagger in Detail & Scale continues the series focus on specific details of every aspect of this historic aircraft, but it includes so much more. It begins with a look at the developmental history of the F-102, usually just referred to as the “Deuce.” Based on the experimental design of the XF-92A, the first true delta-winged aircraft to fly, the Deuce was expected to be capable of supersonic flight and operational by 1954. In fact, the first prototype didn’t fly until 1953, and it could not achieve supersonic flight. It lasted only seven flights before being written off in a crash. The full history of how the design evolved to meet the operational requirements is discussed, and this includes how it became known as the “interim interceptor” that eventually led to the “ultimate interceptor,” the F-106. Near new trade ppk – MANY color pictures and details. $7.95 REDUCED to $5.00

    4. “Colors and Markings of the F-106 Delta Dart” by Bert Kinzey. SPF

    5. “Regia Aeronautica: A Pictorial History of the Italianicon Air Force, 1940-1943” by Christopher Shores. The Regia Aeronautica, or Royal Italian Air Force, was one of the largest and most well respected air forces in the world during the mid-1930s. By 1940, however, it had fallen behind other regional powers such as Germanyicon and Great Britain and by 1943 had been thoroughly defeated by the Allies on the battlefield. Christopher Shores, in "Regia Aeronautica: A Pictorial History of the Italian Air Force 1940-1943," does a good job of providing a general overview of the combat operations of the Italian air force up until Italy's defeat. RARE! VG trade ppk. $18.95 REDUCED to $13.95

    6. “Flying Forts: The B-17 in World War II” by Martin Caidin. SPF
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