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Thread: Mauser Es340B and fitting of Lyman Super Targetspot scope help needed

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    Mauser Es340B and fitting of Lyman Super Targetspot scope help needed

    I'd like to fit a Lyman Super Targetspot scope to a .22 Mauser Es340B. I don't want to alter the rifle so I wondered if anyone has come across adapters that will fit the grooves and then mount a Lyman. I might need to have a rail made up so that I can achieve the 7.2" between mounts so that the scope will adjust in 1/4 min clicks. Has anyone else tried to solve this problem? I plan to shoot the rifle at 100 and 200 yards so may need to create a slope on the rail so that I don't run out of elevation. There are some long standing .22 competitions in the UKicon that go back to 500 yards for a .22 (the equivalent to 1,200 yards with a 7.62x51).

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    You could source scope rings with the appropriate width claws to match the dovetail grooves just measure the grooves on top of the receiver and go from there.
    Not sure on the 7.2" mounting so the scope will adjust in 1/4 minute clicks, does not matter really what you mount the scope in it is always going to have the same elevation/windage click measurement as it left the factory regardless and if some one said it alters a scopes measurement by mounting it then they are on some serious stuff that they need to get off of.

    I think 500 yds with a .22 rimfire is ambitious but here is an interesting article on such endeavours;
    Long Ultra Long Range Ballistics of the .22 Long Rifle Cartridge - The Long Range Rim Fire Club

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    As understand the questiion, you would need a base to clamp on the dovetails then attach a bar to it long enough to space the scope blocks 7.2 inches apart. Scope mounting blocks are being made so
    some could be made to mount the scope high enough to clear the bolt handle and for the bell of the scope to clear the barrel. I don't believe Cinders understands how the external adjustment rings work
    on the Lyman Super Target Spot scope. My suggestion would work but would not provide a neat looking scope mount.

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