G'day there, I have a rifle I am restoring at the moment which had a lot of cracks in the fore-end (Tang crack, behind the mag, etc), but I have repaired all of that as good as I can.

One which I am curious about is that the wooden block that is acted on by the recoil block on the action was totally sheared out of the stock. I cut-out and refit it as best I could but I am now wondering how it is meant to bear on the action block so that this cannot happen again. Is it meant to be quite tight, like the draws of a Lee-Enfield? If so I can just carve out the front of it, fit a hardwood block, and then fit the action. Just don't want to dive in and make an idiot of myself.

Also, how are the action screws and there collars meant to bear with the action? Such that the collars are bottoming out at the same time the action and stock bottom out like the main screw on an SMLE/No4/etc?

Is the barrel meant to be bedded with the stock as well? Just things that I know about Lee-Enfields but know basically nothing with this rifle. Damn mauser looking thing.

Anyway, I appreciate any help to get the stock fitted the right way. I also have pictures of the whole mess if people want to see it. Cheers.