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Thread: An "Airborne No32 sniper"

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    Quote Originally Posted by browningautorifleicon View Post
    A simple padded case and do your best to protect the rifle. We jump with our weapons. It comes down with you on a lowering rope and strikes the ground before you...with the rest of your kit. The days of separate weapons containers are over.
    Indeed. Separate weapons drops was one of the things which cost the Germanicon parachute regiment so heavily at Crete.


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    We, in the Commonwealth Parachute Regiments do not despatch weaponry separately.
    As Jim stated, your container is strapped to your legs until clear of the aircraft, and once your canopy is up and you have kicked out of twists, you drop your container on a 15 foot rope lanyard which can then hit the ground first and leave you free to "rock and roll".
    The weapons sleeve having been prepared as per SOP's before hand is one simple tug and the weapon is ready to use.

    Both the Germanicon Fallschirmjäger and the UKicon Parachute Battalions dropped weaponry separately during the war.....................lessons were soon learnt as specialist weaponry never fell into the right hands, and the reason why weapons are now tied to you!!
    'Tonight my men and I have been through hell and back again, but the look on your faces when we let you out of the hall - we'd do it all again tomorrow.' Major Chris Keeble's words to Goose Green villagers on 29th May 1982 - 2 PARA

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