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Thread: Colt (Walther) 22 Rail Gun 1911

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    Colt (Walther) 22 Rail Gun 1911

    Obviously not service connected but as it was designed to duplicate the 1911 in weight and handling I figured I'd give it a review. Shot six twelve round magazines through it today and after a couple of bumps with the first one, didn't have any issues. I was using the release button on the slide rather than racking it back and it wasn't fully closing. Not a single issue while firing and it seemed plenty accurate. I need to do some experimenting with the sights but as an inexpensive way to shoot, it's pretty nice. $312.00 delivered from Sportsman's Guide last month. Looks like they are currently sold out, it was a very good price.

    Colt Rail Gun 1911, Semi-Automatic, .22LR, 5 Barrel, 12+1 Rounds - 709569, Semi-Automatic at Sportsman's Guide

    I purchased two extra magazines from another source an preloaded them. It's important to make sure the lips of the shells on top do not overlap those below but not hard to do. The magazines have a button slide on the side so you just have to drop the shells in one at a time. One negative is that I have sore hands/thumbs right now (carpenter) and pushing the button was a little difficult, it's small and thins. No recoil and the steel knockdowns messed me up a bit as the 22 knocks them down slowly so I was hesitating between rounds to make sure they were going down. Can empty a clip accurately at a man sized target in just a few seconds. Lot of fun.
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    I like the looks of those. Was reading some reviews of the .22 1911's and seems the ones with pot metal slides and frames start to show signs of battering on the slide stop after a while. Think that will be the case with these Brownings? I delayed (avoided) buying one because of that issue. Hate to buy a gun that will gall and grind itself into oblivion.

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