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Thread: HELP Looking for info

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    HELP Looking for info

    Hi all. I have just brought my self a 8mm fn mauser. On the right hand side of butt there is a 6 point star with what looks like a B in the centre. The timber has 3 different sn numbers stamped in it. On the front left of the barrel has been restamped. use to have 30/06 ...... now 7.9m/m 2244" under that is 18 tons per square ". Barrel and receiver are matching numbers but bolt is different. If anyone would be able to help with info would be great. Thanks

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    I am far from an expert, keep that in mind. So if i understand correctly, you have an FN mauser in 7.92. While i do not know what the 6 pointed star and B mean. (unit mark or some such.) I do know that weapons that passed through Britishicon hands (military and civilian.) were proofed in Britain and marked with the corresponding pressure per square inch on it. I havent seen an FN made weapon marked with pressure testing originating from Belgium. Plus FN weapons are usually marked in Frenchicon.
    A while back on GB i saw a ww1 captured 1898 that had the tons per square inch on it that was proofed in Britain and then used by Canadians as training rifles.
    hope that helps.

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