Hello all, I was hoping someone could help me with the correct information on how to properly store my m4 bayonet long term. It has the leather handle still intact on it and is in very good condition. My plan is to put a very light coat of oil on the blade and handguard and store it sealed in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag.I have owned it for approximately three or four years now and have stored it this way since I bought it. Will this degrade or affect the leather handle in any way? I have always heard that leather jackets need to breathe and not be kept in a sealed bag and was wondering if the leather on the handle of my bayonet needs to be treated the same way. I just don't want to end up getting it back out 15 or 20 years later only to find the leather handle has dry rotted being sealed away in a bag. I don't know if the leather on the handle would dry rot being sealed in a bag or not so I figured I would ask the experts on here that are a million times more knowledgeable than I am on this. Can anyone foresee any problems I would run into storing it this way? The reason I chose the ziplock bag storage method is because there is a smoker in the house. I have also been storing all my world war II canvas gear in bags as well . Thanks to everybody for their time