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Thread: Looking for and wanting to sell or trade scopes, cans ect.

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    Looking for and wanting to sell or trade scopes, cans ect.

    Has anyone ever got around to putting info this into a spread sheet?
    Doing up a data base and posting it as a sticky would be a real asset for anyone looking for anyone having a scope, can or mount with a number and looking for a match .
    Just a thought for someone with the computer skills to do it.

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    I have created a database with roughly 2,000 No.4 (T) rifles, scopes, scope cases and brackets. Every time a serial numbered set or any numbered components pop up for sale or are mentioned as being in a collection be it private or museum, I enter them. When matches turn up I try to connect the owners in the hopes that we can reunite numbered sets. So far with the help of many people, about a dozen sets or components have been reconnected. In each case, there is usually a trade and in most, but not all, cases the owners want to see the sets reunited and a solution is worked out.

    Examples: a collector in Scotland bought a rifle with mismatched scope set out of the USAicon. The matching scope set later turned up in the USA and the owners were put in touch with each other and they negotiated a successful trade ... with a few adventures in the mix!

    A collector in California had a scope set and I spotted the matching rifle for sale on a US gun web site. He was not a member of that group and he had trouble signing up, so I acted as an intermediary and asked the seller to hold the rifle for him, which he did. The grateful Californian later offered to trade me his Canadian made No.15 Mk.I chest for a Britishicon one as he knew I specialized in the Canadian sniper rifles. I accepted the trade offer with many thanks.

    In another case, I purchased a No.4 Mk.I (T) rifle without scope set out of Pennsylvania and imported it to British Columbia. Brian Dickicon of BDLicon Ltd. in North Carolina located the matching scope set in Nebraska. As I already had some complete No.4 Mk.I (T) sets in better condition, I sold the rifle to the fellow in Nebraska who now has a matching set.

    We should also remember ~Angel~’s Matching Service on Milsurps.com

    There are some problems with posting databases e.g. confidentiality and the fact that every week it seems I am adding to the database from leads on Gunbroker, Facebook, auctions etc. It seems that Americans want people to know that they have guns, whereas we Canadians have NO gun rights and ALL firearms are illegal in Canadaicon unless the federal police issue us licences. After the recent confiscation order in New Zealandicon, Canadians are extra nervous as our current government would love to do the same and just passed one anti-law-abiding gun owners law a(C-71) and they plan another more severe law if they are re-elected in October 2019. I am looking at ways to share some of the information whilst respecting privacy concerns.
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  4. Thank You to Seaforth72 For This Useful Post:

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