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Thread: No5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet

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    Quote Originally Posted by browningautorifleicon View Post
    Pretty funny...would be Brain Dick Ltd and he's a front line gunsmith... It was being suggested he would refurbish your blade to as new. He's the same poster that answered you in post #2.

    Now how do you feel?
    Honestly I had no idea who he was talking about or if he was serious or not. I guess I'm more used to K98kforum and even more so RMNF where refinishing is highly frowned upon. RMNF they frown upon putting the right parts back on a rifle. Didn't mean any offense since I had no clue he was talking about you.

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    No offense taken by me. I've been doing correct restorations for many years but don't consider it faking when it's done to the original specifications and with the original Suncorite 259 baking paint. When my paint supply is exhausted, I won't be doing any more. In the case of the bayonet shown, it's really worth much more in nice FTR, (Factory Thorough Repair), condition than as a rusty piece of junk as Peter says. It would have most certainly been back to a workshop for refinish if it had stayed in service. That's just my opinion of course having resurrected many rifles and bayonets from the dead over the past 25 years or so. I just finished two No.4T rifles. Both sent here as what I call "brown bag specials". One with a chopped barrel and missing front scope pad, the other with original barrel but drilled and tapped for a receiver sight and a missing the rear scope pad. Both are now range ready and as close to perfect as damn is to swearing. One is restored completely including the rustproofing and the other left with original metal finish at the customer's request and restored with worn, original finish parts. My point is that when some of these items are so far gone, there's no detriment to restoring them.

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