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Thread: Enforcer sling question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Btl1994 View Post
    Thank you all for the replys. I currently own no.767 and, which the previous owner had thr scope fitted the other accessories found.
    Interesting rifle, this one :

    This was one of the surplus actions (never built up by PH / Enfield), It was one of the 'actions' that Enfield had to 'buy-out' as they had insufficient stock of their own to meet the contract. It was actually a 'used' Savage No4 Mk1/3 action.
    It was bought as a barrelled action by Charnwood Ordnance (along with several other actions) at the 'clearance sale' and assembled by them with the addition of a Pecar 4-10 scope and a PH5E/4 rear sight.
    It did not have a bipod fitted.
    It was shipped to the USAicon where it was bought by Brian Dickicon.
    Brian sold it in 2009 when it went to Florida.
    It was subsequently sold in 2018 when it went into SE Pennsylvania.

    Was it you who bought it in 2018 ?

    No 765 and 766 were both assembled by Charnwood Ordnance.

    No 765 ended up in Australiaicon
    No 766 remained in the UKicon

    Brian Dick also had No 733
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    Mine are not the best, but they are not too bad. I can think of lots of Enfields I'd rather have but instead of constantly striving for more, sometimes it's good to be satisfied with what one has...

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    Yes I bought it in 2018. I knew it was a Charnwood enforcer essentially. Pretty much an unissued enforcer IMO. Some said I paid to much but being the last enforcer ever built I wont complain. It's the neatest of all the rifles built if you ask me being essentially unissued and factory new. This is my opinion of course.

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