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Thread: IWS in NOD role reticle and L5A1 questions.

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    IWS in NOD role reticle and L5A1 questions.

    Hi there,
    collection is constantly growing and one of the last acquisitions was an IWS with a load of fresh batteries and an most important for me, an replecment objective lens. Exactly the last part besides a reticle plate, i needed for my other IWS restoration.

    The new IWS came with the NOD role hand grip mount but sadly missing the grip itself. Will keep my eyes open for one. What I found interesting is the reticle that differs from the weapon sight variant we all know from Peters two part series here in the knowledge section. Sadly the IWS is also missing its metal dataplates.

    So question for Peter and all other interested ppl is: What IWS Variant is it? L1A_?_ and is the reticle pictures the NOD one or perhaps for some other heavier weaponsystem.

    Picture here:

    Another question is about the L5A1 pocket scope dust cover. I finally got my hands on one of these variants with the correct mount. Now I was looking for the matching SLR dust cover and as far as i know it is a modified SUIT cover with a CWS style dovetail mounted instead of the T-bracket. There is the famous picture from nzl1a1collector.

    I own two of exactly these specific dovetail bars I got cheap from someone stating they belonged once to a Kite sight kit. So I was thinking about building my own dust cover as I expect if one ever turned up, it will be way overpriced while SLR dustcovers are more common to get and the bend sheetmetal mountbase is also easy to replicate.
    So here come the question/request:
    If someone also owns this specific dustcover, could they please make pictures of the underside for me, so I can replicate the correct mounting screws and setup.


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    I THINK that the mounting you show on the first photo was to enable the IWS to be fitted onto the old CONBAT (a converted and lightened MOBAT) or later lightweight WOMBAT. So the reticle pattern will be configured to that, making it an artillery type. There was no deflection mechanism with the conbat or wombat. You simply eased the barrel around to the left by pushing yourself against it - or to the right by pulling it with your body against the converted Bren sling as I recall, using the Bren or M8C to get on target. And with a BAT recoilless anti tank gun you just hoped and prayed that you got a first shot hit. Because if you didn't...............

    So far as I remember, the actual dust cover and initial steel mount was a generic type., spot welded with 2 spot welds at each if the tags. But what was fixed to that steel mount was specific. But, alas, no matter what you did or what sight was mounted to it, the spot welds would still pull away under inertia. Maybe KtK and Sklppy could come in here

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