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Thread: Argentine 1891 and 1909 Bayonets

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    Argentine 1891 and 1909 Bayonets

    My newest bayonets from Argentinaicon.

    I have had an 1891 for years, it was one of the first I picked up when I started collecting What makes this one special is it still has its crest. Apparently, almost all, if not all imported to the US had the crests ground off. Canadaicon on the other hand imported them a few years after the US did and theirs were not ground off. This was done by Argentina because some weapons they had surplused had turned up in wars with their crests and Argentina didn't like that much. I found this one from a Canadian seller on ebay. He shipped it promptly and it sat in US customs in NY for eleven days. It finally arrived on Saturday.

    This is the third 1909 bayonet that I have. I'm not sure exactly what production run it is as the serial number does not match the data for this particular engraving. This is a domestically produced bayonet. The others I have are the Germanicon produced version and one of the rare civil guard bayonets which I posted photos of here a few years ago. I bought this one off ebay a few day after the 1891 and it arrived about a week prior to the 1891. These never had their crests ground off.

    It's been years but browningautorifleicon is the one that tipped me off on the Canadian bayonets. Just took this long to find one.

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    Glad to have helped sort of...but now I've been watching and haven't seen any crests as of late... I check 'em all too... Nice catch, finally see these after we chatted so much.

    Regards, Jim

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