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Thread: LB No.4 MK1* at the range

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    LB No.4 MK1* at the range

    I haven't taken the No.4 MK1* to the range in quite a while. I came up with a reason to get her out this summer.

    I happened to find a Weaver V4.5 scope for a reasonable price. I also had an S&K scope mount that came as part of the deal when I got my No.5 MK1.

    I decided to put the scope, mount, and No.4 together, and get some range time in.

    The mount needed a little work. The threaded holes in the rear were messed up, so I took the mount to work and raised the hole centers slightly with an end mill then drilled through with a number drill which was a couple of thousandths larger than the rear sight axis pin. I then used the axis pin to secure the rear of the mount.

    The mount only had two slots for the scope rings, which limits where the scope can be positioned. I felt the scope was too far back using the existing slots.

    I machined another slot in the mount 1.437" forward of the rear slot. This allowed me to get both rings behind the turrets, and move the scope forward.

    I was able to get to the range this past weekend to sight the rifle in.

    I was using the blue target while adjusting the scope. I was firing three shot groups, and adjusting POI after each group. Finally got POA and POI to coincide fairly well.
    I also fired two groups on the green target, upper right small diamond, after getting close to zero.

    Accuracy isn't stellar with the cordite burned barrel, but not horrible.

    A little load development might be in order. I was using Hornady 174 grain RN bullets and IMR 4064 for a velocity of 2200 fps.

    All in all it was a good day.

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    Nice rifle. You may want to try some PPU just to test commercial accuracy then work into handloads.

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