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Thread: Chafee Reece - Magazine Rifle Trials

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    Chafee Reece - Magazine Rifle Trials

    If anyone here is a member of the KCA forums, you've already seen this.
    I thought I'd share here as well for those that may be interested.

    Without a doubt, the rarest firearm I've ever owned. I won't be able to keep it (I have a strict "no rifles more expensive than my Ford Ranger" rule) but it will be an honor to handle it for a while.

    I was fortunate that it was poorly described (and that's being generous).

    These were made for a government trial to replace the Trapdoor Springfield. 753 rifles were made for this trial and it's estimated that about half did not survive testing. That makes this one of approximately 350 rifles to survive from 1884-ish to present day. Amazing stuff.

    If anyone ever wanted to see some details of this rifle, let me know and I can get you some pictures. I'll be happy to share as long as it's in my hands.

    I've attached some pictures. I will have better ones this weekend.

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    Nice old rifle. I'd have jumped on it too...
    Regards, Jim

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