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Thread: JG Ansctutz Germania Sport Modell .22

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    JG Ansctutz Germania Sport Modell .22


    I recently acquired a JG Anschutz Sport Modell single shot .22 LR serial number 32xx. I believe it is a WW2 Germanicon training rifle with perhaps a beech wood stock. The receiver is stamped Germania Sport Modell. The barrel is stamped Germaniawaffenwerk AG Zella Mehlis/Thur. Both the receiver and the barrel have the same serial number and an eagle over N proof mark. It has what appears to be an original sling. The trigger guard is stamped, not milled. Overall, it looks to be in fair condition--a little light rust here and there but most of the bluing is intact The front barrel band is broken cleanly in half where the retaining pin goes through and may be repaired with epoxy. The stock looks good. The barrel has a spot about 10 inches behind the muzzle in which a patch will "jump" through and there is a visible ring at that spot in the bore. It cycles and fires just fine.

    The rear sight is graduated from 25 to 200 (I assume that is meters) but it is missing the rear sight notch and elevation slide (even so, I hit a four inch target at 20 yards). Any recommendations as to where to find parts for this rifle would be greatly appreciated...the rear sight and the front barrel band, in particular. I have seen similar and identical training rifles in the American Rifleman and on the Internet ranging from $600 to $3,500. I would appreciate your thoughts and information about this rifle.

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    I too, have a WWII Germanicon trainer in .22 cal. It is . KK-Wehrsportgewehr
    Training rifle German from WWII, • Maker: Mauser-Werke A-G Oberndorf a./N
    • Caliber: 22LR (Kal .22 Lang Fur Bochsen)

    Mine was brought back after the war by my wife's uncle. He was an armorer in his outfit and later mounted a scope and cut back the stock to be a sporter. It misfires a lot so am thinking the firing pin is messed up or perhaps the spring on the firing pin is too weak.
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    1. My father, Vinton; US Army Air Corp 1942-1945
    2. My father-in-law, Clyde; US Marines, 2/25 4th division, Iwo Jima vet

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