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Thread: Long overdue No4 Mk1 T range report...

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    Long overdue No4 Mk1 T range report...

    So I rarely come over to this site but I am going to correct that, there is a ton of great info here, but I digress
    Back in March I posted the story of how I acquired my T. Here's the link

    Well I had it out 3 times, shot some Privi 174gr FMJ ammo over the course of 3 weeks. This is the only .303 that I was able to find.
    The 1st time out I couldn't really figure out where I was hitting & I quickly ran out of the box of ammo that I had with me, so I broke out old faithful & shot the M1icon the rest of that day. To say that I was disappointed would be a huge understatement.

    I went home & formulated a plan for next week's session. When I got there I couldn't believe it but I had the entire range to myself so I set up my targets [nothing fancy just standard military silhouette targets] I stapled 8 of these side by side by side, I began the process of firing 1 round then look through my spotting scope, success!!! I was hitting the target about 5' to the right of the target I was aiming at & IIRC I was about 10 inches high.
    This was @100 yards. So I started trying to dial it in. 40 rounds later I was on my intended target but my dum @ss only brought the 2 boxes of ammo.
    So it was back to the M1...

    Week 3 was a lot better, 20 rounds fired & here is the end result!!

    That 3 shot group was my last 3 rounds, I am completely out of .303 now but will be ordering some more next week from aimsurplus.com

    Anyway this old rifle can definitely shoot. I am so happy with it, words can not describe. I honestly didn't know if I would want to put more than a box or 2 of ammo through it but then I started thinking what the hell good is it if it just sits in the safe???
    I'm definitely gonna build that repro T that I intended on building before I found this rifle, maybe it'll be just as satisfying & help save the real one from dings, dents scratches & wear & tear on the bore.

    Below are some pics of the other rifles I brought along that day.

    And believe it or not that Rhodie can shoot incredibly well also.

    Hope you guys enjoyed the range report.
    Stay safe, Mick
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    Quote Originally Posted by NearSightedSniper View Post
    believe it or not that Rhodie can shoot incredibly well
    Why wouldn't I believe that? Of course they do...
    Regards, Jim

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    Nice collection !

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