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Thread: Sight, Telescopic Pattern 1918

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    Sight, Telescopic Pattern 1918

    I've come across a colleague who has a Pattern 1918 scope, that i may be able to acquire from him at a low'ish price.
    I've examined it briefly (unable to take picture at the time unfortunately)
    What i can say, is its an Australianicon 1918, Its not numbered with a rifle serial # at all (used a magnifying glass to have good look over, as i know the markings can be faint - the Pattern 1918 i have on my Lithgow has very faint rifle serial # but only just discernible with naked eye under good light) It has front rear mounts (but obviously no bases) and appears to me to be "low mount" HT Sniper scope - compared to my "high mount" scope.
    BUT, and this is the thing, at some stage it has lost its - SLIDE - focusing, and SCREW -clamping. Looking thru scope its all a blur, just blury light, look thru the other way and you can see the Grat is still there.
    My question is - Would the removal of the screw and focus slide have caused the internals to fall over/come loose, or however you want to put it, that now render looking thru the scope a of waste time, and would this situation be easily remedied by an appropriately skilled person with the replacement parts? - There's 2 gentlemen here in OZ that i know of with good reputation for rebuilding and repairing these scopes, but wanted some idea of whether its repairable before trying to acquire it and ship it to them on the other side of OZ.

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