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Thread: Replacement front sights...

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    Replacement front sights...

    So I hate the triangle front sigh most Mauser rifles are equipped with. How this front sight was ever approved is beyond me. My 1912 Chileanicon Mauser has a blade front sight that I've found to be so much easier to use and for a while now I've been on the lookout for similar front sights to little avail. The only thing I've found is this front sight here...


    It says it's compatible but I've heard different. Can anyone verify that these would work with a K98icon, M48, and M96 Mauser variants?

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    I used one of those some time ago on a 7x57m98 I had.
    Once I adjusted the sight blade I wound up nearly right back to the original height of the one that was on there.
    The dovetail however was a perfect fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amadeus76 View Post
    How this front sight was ever approved is beyond me.
    The front sight blade appears to have been unchanged from its introduction on the M1871 rifle. When I needed a higher blade for my 1871, I simply put in a K98kicon replacement blade.

    Your link doesn't work for me, but you can be reasonably sure that the dovetail is the same for all military Mausers.

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