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    It brings to the fore, that the Sten was probably authentic even with that "creosote" all over it.
    What is strange is, that noone seems to have or know much about this incredible lady as she, probably wanted to remain in the dark whilst she interviewed these Nazi henchmen on the lead up to the Nurenberg trials!!
    Another lost story

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    And iIF it was original as per the similar Sterling process, it would have been done OVER grey phosphate and not white metal.

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    There was a book about this called "The Last Ditch", about the "Britishicon Resistance Movement" and the "stay-behind squads" tasked with sabotage and eliminating collaborators. Brig. Colin Gubbins was the OC. of the organization.

    The tactic works if carried out ruthlessly. Poland was a unique example: there was no collaborationist government in Poland because collaborators were swiftly eliminated by the Home Army and other resistance movements.

    On the other hand, Capt. Burgoyne may have felt the need for some protection as the article alluded.

    Now, was she related the ill-starred general of Brandywine fame?
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