Hello all and thank you for letting me join the forum. I'm new to the Enfield world but have always wanted one of these iconic rifles. Unfortunately, I didnt do enough research and when I saw this rifle in my local shop I immediately decided I wanted it. Spur of the moment will be the death of me.*

I'm unclear on this mismatch of serial #'s and markings. I've done a fair amount of investigating and eventually found a JJCO stamp (rats!) and that immediately sent up a red flag of panic. The damn thing was hiding (see pic) and I didn't spot it in the shop. The condition was excellent and we were all gushing over it in the shop - but now I'm realizing that this was most likely one of their janky rebuilds.*

I'm very familiar with the John Covino shop in NYC and was aghast when I made the connection. It's a terribly run shop these days and a notoriously unfriendly/unhelpful place. I wonder if you all would mind sharing some insights if you have any. I'm not too familiar with Enfields so this is all new territory for me. Im incredibly concerned that its missing the brass recoil pads but I may be wrong. I've put maybe 30-40 rounds through it and it shot wonderfully but I'm concerned about its longevity without them.

Many thanks for all of your help. I made a little wrap for the stock - I'm sure it might offend some purists but I like doing it so what can I say. There are ZERO markings on the stock however so no information is lurking behind that bridle leather.*