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Thread: Finding M7 Auxiliary Cartridges

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    Finding M7 Auxiliary Cartridges

    Hi All,
    I was recently asked by a member about locating a few M7 Auxiliary cartridges.
    Thought I'd ask here to see if this is a possibility or a near impossible task.
    I know he wants them to finish off a Display in honor of a Uncle who went MIA.
    I'm not real familiar with them, so I'll just paste his inquiry below.
    Any input appreciated.....

    "Vitamin pills
    Hey Charlie,
    Would you happen to know of anybody here in the forums that might have a couple m7 auxiliary cartridges they would be willing to part with. I would like to buy either two singular examples, or two packs of five still sealed. Either way, single or still packaged, I would have two examples to put with their proper launchers. These are the only things I am missing to complete an m8 and an m7 setup. I cannot find anyone anywhere on the internet that have these for sale. I can find plenty of the m3 and M6's, but I can't find any m7 auxiliary cartridges.I have been watching the gun auction sites for a while, but the m7's seem to never come up for sale."


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