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Thread: Looking for help for a P14 (?) maker's mark

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    Looking for help for a P14 (?) maker's mark

    I have been working through a collection of mixed P14 and M1917 parts, trying to identify which goes where. I have reference books by Skinnerton, Ferris, Stratton, Harrison and probably a few others but no help that I can find on these marks.
    The mark could be a "W" with a flat bottom, or if rotated 90 degrees, it could be an "E" with the top and bottom arm spread out - first picture is my drawing of what the mark looks like

    Here are three pictures of that mark on various parts - a P14 ejector box, a Front Sight Carrier, presumably from a P14 ( no other marks at all, on either side, and specifically no American eagle head on the ends), and a Floor Plate latch - possibly P14 or M1917 - I have no way to tell. Apologies for the size of photo - you will have to zoom in, I think, to see the detail. On my computer, if I double click on the image, it comes up in a much larger view, and the marks are quite visible.

    I would appreciate if anyone can identify what that mark is. I am presuming it is a makers mark??

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    Looks more like a crown proof. It's definitely not an E or W makers mark as neither look like that. I could be wrong however, it wouldn't be the first time.

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