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Thread: U.S WW2 rifle muzzle cover, sniper on ebay

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    U.S WW2 rifle muzzle cover, sniper on ebay

    I saw this muzzle cover C67703 listed on ebay as a WW2 rifle muzzle cover (sniper) for $20.00 US. I am of the opinion that this is for the Browning Model 1919A4 as I found one just like in the photo in my web gear box. Photo shows mine. Any opinions ?

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    Far from my area of nominal WW2 material culture “expertise”, but in my travels I have come to associate Machine Gun Canvas Covers C-67701 (Cover, Breech) and C-67703 (Cover, Muzzle) with the later Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun M2 , and as items for the spare barrel: https://www.bmgparts.com/products/m2barrelcvr.jpg

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