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Thread: Deer choke?

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    Deer choke?

    OK, hoping someone can point me in the proper direction.

    My son has a Remington 20 gauge 870 express, smooth barrel with a modified choke.

    To hunt deer, I think I need a regular cylinder choke to shoot rifled slugs. What other choke could I use with rifled shot?

    Please advise.
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    Forster type slugs can be safely fired through any choke but best results are usually with imp.cyl..
    I shoot them through a modified choke from my Remington 1100 with good results. You can also use a rifled tube and may get slightly better accuracy.
    Sabot slugs usually need a rifled tube to be accurate and avoid the possibility of barrel damage.

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    Standard Remington 20ga slugs are slightly undersized and are designed to be used with an improved cylinder barrel/choke. I use an improved cylinder choke in my A5 20ga and it's silly accurate within 75 yards. Winchester and other brands are full sized and should be used with cylinder bores only. I believe sabot slugs are supposed to be used with an improved cylinder or modified choke.

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    Rifled slugs work fine with normal shotgun barrels, but check with the manufacturer too. Do some range work to see where the slugs print at your preferred shooting distance.

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