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Thread: K98 front barrel bands interchangeable?

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    K98 front barrel bands interchangeable?

    Hello, once again another question... Both of my K98icon rifles (RC and Yugoicon capture) have the early H style barrel bands... However, my Yugo rifle, although it has an H style front band, the bayonet stud isn't contoured like what you would see on the early k98 rifles... The bayonet stud is straight and doesn't have the nice machined cut out on top of the bayonet stud... Hopefully my description makes sense.

    I'm wondering if I were to buy a mid war, solid milled front barrel band, would that fit properly on my K98 Yugo capture???

    Are all the variations of barrel bands all interchangeable? I would assume that they would be but I'm not an expert, that's why I'm here, to ask the experts.

    Hopefully you guys understand what I'm asking, sorry if I'm not being clear in want I'm asking. Thanks!!!

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