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Thread: Remington 03A3 receiver date vs barrel date

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    Question Remington 03A3 receiver date vs barrel date

    I recently purchased a Remington 03A3 serial number 3812xxx. Based on various charts the receiver dates to late July 1943. The RA barrel dates 10-43. This seems to be a long time between receiver date and barrel date. The rifle appears to be as issue with no evidence of rebuild. It appears to be unfired. Barrel and receiver park matches with no evidence of bubba installation of the barrel. All parts that should be blue/black are correct. All parts including the stock are Remington. The question is, is the gap between dates OK or was the barrel changed out at the factory due to problems to the original barrel or ?????. Would the 10-43 barrel date mean that the rifle was assembled in or after 10-43.

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