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Thread: Polish WZ63 Paratrooper Helmet

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    Polish WZ63 Paratrooper Helmet

    Picked this up at an antique shop on Saturday. Took me half the day to figure it out, fortunately I stayed in the area of the shop and was close enough to get it after I figured out what it was.

    WZ63 helmet used by Polish and East Germanicon paratroopers and East German Border Police and dispatch riders. There are also rumors it was used by Iraq but I haven't been able to confirm this. It's a bit out of my normal collectible range but since it's an airborne helmet I figured why not. It's actually pretty comfortable to wear and I rarely say that about a helmet. Supposedly, these were used from 1993 to 2015 although some sources put the end date much earlier. This one was made in 1977.

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    Nice clean example that...not used much either. Good to see you too...

    Regards, Jim

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