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Thread: Just put a MAADI MISR SA in Commiefornia 10 day jail.

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    Just put a MAADI MISR SA in Commiefornia 10 day jail.

    Was at my local dealer's when he asked me if I would be interested in a "basket case" AK project. It is an MISR barreled receiver (with threads turned off), along with a big bag of all the parts to go with it, as well as the original wood (with a funky butt plate), which was badly sanded.

    This MAADI will be a perfect platform to do a Kali featureless build with. The bag had a Tapco G2 FCG, which was a good thing. It also had the gas block replaced with one with the bayonet lug still intact. I may try threading the barrel 1/2x28 like some have, and using a CNC Warrior 1/2x28 slant brake. If not, I'll use a standard muzzle nut soldered on so the bayonet worked. The paint is awful and I plan on stripping and repainting it. Rustoleum Semi-gloss High Temp black worked great on the Saigas I redid, so I will try that.

    Until about a year ago, I have continuously had an AK since the mid 80s when I got a Poly Tech Type 56 Spiker. Lat year I let my Hungarianicon Under-folder go because it sucked as a featureless build. I still have my mags, so I figured it was time to get another AK, and the price was definitely right! (but I'm not saying how much!)

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    Pics when you get it...of course...

    Regards, Jim

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