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Thread: recalibrated sights

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    recalibrated sights

    While the US did not recalibrate the sights on the Model 1903 and Model 1917 rifles, some work was done to the sights on the Model 1918A1 BAR and the early Model 1919 m/g. before WW2. These sights were designed for the 30M1 long rang cartridge and I have a photo of one rear sight. Some years ago, some shooters did adopt the Model 1918A2 BAR rear sight to fit the Model 1917 rifle to provide windage. The 30cal M2 entered service in 1937 but the US Navy was still ordering 30M1 cartridges in 1941.

    The M1icon (Garand) rifle was designed to use the 30M1 cartridge

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