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Thread: Help with ID on copper mess kit

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    I've been working on assembling a WWI setup. Actually I ended up with nearly two sets. I'd get something on ebay and then another one would come along with something else I needed and I ended up with extras. Needed a shelter half, wound up with three of them, all from the same purchase in that instance. I don't have that rolled up yet obviously. Blanket on it's way now. I don't understand what ever possessed them to design the haversack the way they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aragorn243 View Post
    what ever possessed them to design the haversack the way they did.
    There were some that it actually made sense to...but I prefer a rucksack. This one I think was meant to allow access to certain things without tearing it apart. Like the poncho maybe... Anyway, all mine is gone now. Nice M10 first aid pouch. Clean.

    Regards, Jim

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