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Thread: Help: Military Surplus Gloves

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    Help: Military Surplus Gloves

    Hi there,

    It's my first time posting on here and I was hoping if I could get some advice from all you knowledgeable folks. So I have always had an interest in Military Surplus and wanted to get into the business of buying and selling surplus. So as you do, I found a listing selling some Military Surplus Glove/Glove inserts and I now have >1000 of these. I listed them on the usual websites, ebay/amazon etc but no luck.

    Any ideas where I can sell them? They are US Military grade, new and never issued.

    Maybe should have thought about where and how to sell before buying really, i know.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    It always helps to post a picture or two as it helps people understand what you are talking about.

    Here it would appear to the casual observer that you have procured yourself a quantity of military spec gloves with the option of wearing "inserts" to one's mil spec gloves. But what sort of gloves are they? Are they of the surgeon's variety for performing an examination of a squaddie with a weird and wonderful ailment or rigger gloves for wearing while removing the tracks off a Abrams MBT? Who knows?

    This forum has a place for individuals to buy, sell and trade their surplus items.

    If you are unsure "test the market", in other words buy a few items to resell, to see if you can, before buying 1000.

    If you've made a mistake don't spend too long crying over it, man up, learn from it and try to avoid making the same mistake again.

    I am a collector, not a trader, I only buy an item if I like it and if I consider it reasonably priced. If I consider an item over priced, generally, I don't buy it.
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    Not sure if it's a good time to be getting into the milsurp business. Governments seem to be surplussing less and less. Especially military kit.
    And there are hordes of companies, mostly offshore in Asia, that are making copies or outright fake stuff.
    Like Flying10uk says, pictures are important. As is any documentation you may have. A NATO Stock Number, for example. Assuming they are a NATO item.

    Spelling and Grammar count!

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