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Thread: Ammo, Corrosive or Not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunray View Post
    Nitro-cellulose is "gun cotton". Used to make single base gun powders like most IMR stick powders. Nothing to worry about.
    Thanks makes perfect sense, I am learning a lot in this thread.

    Thanks for the input Sunray.

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    The S&B is non corrosive... The Canadianicon surplus is corrosive primed. The S&B is commerical ammo. I've notice a lot of military surplus 303 coming in recently that is non corrosive... Such as the Germanicon MEN brand ammo and the Greek HXP. My LGS for whatever reason seems to be getting a lot of surplus 303 ammo in... where do they get it? I don't know. I bought my 1939 RL cupro there as well and most of my POFicon and 2 bandoliers (95 rounds) of GB 50 mk7. One bandolier for whatever reason was missing 5 rounds of the GB 50 303 and was replaced with Greek HXP 1969 dates ammo instead. I pulled those bandoliers out of a metal box... Not sure how long the metal box had been opened for though.
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    i treat all ex mil ammo a corrosive if you are that worried take a thermos of hot water and pour it down the barrel before you come home if it bugs you that much don’t use it at all i know blokes that refuse to shoot any ex mil at all

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