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Thread: Rare Trials Spanish 1892 Mauser Question

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    Rare Trials Spanish 1892 Mauser Question

    I am going to be looking at a rare Spanish 1892 Mauser in the next couple of days, executor of the will who is dealing with a number of firearms claims that it is in 308win, I didn't ask any further questions as I'm taking this info from a inventory list.
    My question is, as rare as the 1892 is has anybody ever heard of some of them being converted to 7.62 Nato while in service? Painfully I think I know the answer to my question already.........but I hope I'm wrong!!!!
    I suspect I will be looking at a sporterized 1892 that's had a 308 barrel fitted to it......I hope I'm wrong as that would be a crying shame to do such a bastardly thing to a Mauser trials rifle.

    Is there any hope I'm wrong?

    In the event that it is a sporter, I guess it's just really another sporter and beyond that the collector value has had the life chopped out of it.......yeah?

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    My friend, wait for it to be in your hands first. There are a number of things it could be and a number of what ifs it could be converted to. see what you have, then go about figuring what its worth. As i see it sounds like this: .308 + spanish + mauser = chilean mauser converted to 7.62. but that how it sounds to me. after all its a mauser and it has spanish on it although its chilena, argentine etc and not spain spanish.

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