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Thread: NGD (pics) 1909 Arg. Mountain carbine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Singer B View Post
    Congrats! That is a beautiful gun. Someone definitely took care of her and now you have the honor of doing the same.
    I have shot it twice... Definitely a nice one. I have purchased a bunch of surplus Germanicon (heavy ball) S.s. type load and Belgian round nose fmj 211 grain made in 1938 to shoot through the rifle. This won't be going with me to the range often... It looks too nice but I'll never buy a gun i wont shoot.

    Milsurps I have... bnz 4 K98k (non matching RC.)... Lithgow 1942 SMLE No.1 mk3* (all matching)... dot 1944 K98k (non matching, yugo capture)... 1952 fazakerley No.4 Mk.2 (all matching).... Argentine 1909 mountain carbine (all matching)

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