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Thread: Commercial Swedish Mausers

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    Commercial Swedish Mausers

    I was ratting through a box of long tucked away Mauser sundries looking for a 96 Mauser extractor for a friend.

    I found two; one all on its lonesome and the other on a complete bolt assembly.

    This is not your basic Swedishicon military bolt, however.

    It has a properly forged turned-down bolt handle that has been properly "scooped" for scope clearance.

    The entire assembly has been blued, and blued very professionally, at some stage.

    The kickers are the Dayton-Traister Mk2 low-swing safety and the absence of the usual knurled cocking "bump" at the rear of the striker-sleeve / sear piece.

    What I suspect I have here is one for the Husquvarna M-96 sporters from many decades ago. I am familiar with their 98 based sporters, but this is the first "commercial" 96 component I have seen.

    Apparently they made them in the 8 x 63 (Swede MG round) for export and 9.3 x 62, basically a wildcatted 8 x 62 for Scandinavian hunting customers. These cartridges have the same "fat' body and rim sized as a 6.5 x 55 and 7,6 Swissicon, but are a lot less tapered and so hold a LOT of powder.

    I wonder if the relatively new .358 Norma Magnum was not a little inspired by these older cartridges.

    Apparently 9.3 x 62 is an approved moose-hunting cartridge in those parts; thus, I suspect the old '96 is not as "flimsy" as some would imagine.

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