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Thread: SPAS 12

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    SPAS 12

    Hi Gentlemen,

    I'd like to introduce my beloved SPAS 12 in full military version.
    8 rounds tube magazine, folding stock, U-shaped extension for single-hand shooting, new-type cross bolt safety.
    It is a very controversial gun in the field of shotguns, but I had my good experience with it and would not swap it with any other gun.
    This one, as you see it here, has shot at least 15.000 rounds of slug, buckshot and bird ammo.
    I used it for a few years in military dynamic shooting contests, and never had trouble, no breakages, and, sincerely, I can't remember any feeding or similar issues.
    It is muzzle heavy, but if you need to double a shot it is extremely stable.
    It cycles faster than most people would credit it for. Actually faster than most people are able to shoot it.
    It can be used as a club if you run out of ammo.
    I bought it in 1995, just out of Military Service just because it was so cool...an I loved it since.
    Purists of shotguns will look down at it, it is a good semiauto, not a great pump action shotgun, but it was never intended as such. Pump action is for non-lethal ammo or gas or other weird stuff like bean bags. This was meant as a semiautomatic shotgun, able to stand any abuse.
    It is a tad weird to use. Actually necessarily so. Reloading requires pressing the bolt-release button on the left side. When you chamber a round, the lever safety left of the trigger guard automatically engages, so you need to remember it and take it out, but it is a really pleasant gun to shoot. Felt recoil is not very much due to the weight and the semiauto system.
    The sights, if you know how to use them, are great. They look like aperture sights, but they are not. You need to use them like classical dove-tail rear sight and normal front sight post. The ring around is just for...who knows.
    Wifey and son love to shoot it.
    The metal stock is actually incredibly comfortable. Stable and...not punishing at all.
    It is my last ditch defence instrument in my defensive plan. With 00 buckshot.
    The only real shame is that it does not take magnum loads. Who knows why...

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    Yes, I've handled them lots, had one in the small arms collection in my last posting too. I had chances to own one but never liked them that much. They're one of the ones you either love or don't. You do... Can't argue with the round count you have and no failures...it would have served you well except for the weight, but you have to carry all the gear anyway.

    I had several purpose built guns over time and settled on this pattern, and have had this gun for lots of years now. I even had occasion to train troops departing for Afghanistan on this gun because they were using Remington 870 over there... It too is very heavy for an 870 anyway, handles heavy loads well and it's fast too. Well broken in.
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    Regards, Jim

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    most of the love for the Spas 12 comes from the following

    1. First JURASSIC PARK movie used it heavily in the final 3rd of the movie. FANBOY

    2. Scwarzenegger used it in Terminator 1 I believe, or in some other popular crapshow he did in early 90s

    3. its the only known semi auto with a folding stock

    4. it can actually shoot and feed with the stock folded up.

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    My friend had one in @1985'ish was alright but was a bit heavy walking up hill and down dale pushing through heavy scrub hunting porkers, I was toting a 444 S Marlin now it was a whole lot lighter the porker I shot with that rifle stayed anchored at a range of around 8 -10 yards I'll relate that story to you'se all one day it was about as scary as it can get when your not suspecting it to happen!

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