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Thread: Beautiful deactivated MG 34

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    Beautiful deactivated MG 34

    This is an excellent sample of the famous MG.34 in "old spec" deactivated state. So you don't need a PAL to own this, since it cannot be made to fire.

    Origin: The deactivation was made by a professional gunsmith east of Montreal who had 100 plus MG.34 and MG.42 go through his shop for proper deactivation. The quality of the weldments for deactivation is outstanding. Very nice, clean finish with few handing marks. The deactivator kept the nicest MG.34 that he came across over time and also the nicest MG.42, for his own collection for years, eventually proceeded to deactivation and sold them to separate buyers. I was lucky enough to locate them, so I presently own both in my WW-II Germanicon military arms collection. I am letting go the MG.34 (the 42, don't even ask; talk to my heirs...). The package includes:

    The MG.34, production code "S-243" (Mauser Oberndorf am Neckar), year of manufacturing is 1939 (stamped below "S-243"),
    Cone shaped belt magazine (Gurttrommel 34), colour is typical Afrika Korps "sand" (pale brown),
    Original WW-II period leather belt,
    Rare ! anti-aircraft front (spider) sight,
    One 100 rd capacity ammo belt with a few spent case (live ammo visible on pictures, but NOT included),
    Canvas protection cover (post-war),
    Deactivation certificate,
    MG34/42 book, (sold !, no longer part of the package),
    MG08/MG3 book, (sold !, no longer part of the package),
    Plastic carrying box (recent),
    Custom made shipping/storage box (very sturdy).

    Details of the deactivation, asked by many: It is very difficult to tell what exactly has been done internally because the "internals" are not accessible. The top cover can be opened and removed. The spring, and bolt are visible but wont move. The cock handle is immobilized; the trigger moves but since the bolt cannot be brought to the rear, obviously it cannot "click". If you want to study the trigger mechanism, this can be (partly) done by removing the screws securing the grips . Safety/fire select lever moves (3/4). The stock can be taken off but a weld prevents further disassembly. S/N all match.

    Looking for
    3950 CAD$ Shipped to the majors , insurance on you.

    Pictures here :

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Moderator Edit: Although this seller is new as of April 1st and has very few forum posts, I have authenticated through acceptable identification that he is a real person. However as always, Caveat Emptor.
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