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Thread: Commercial Mauser help

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    Commercial Mauser help

    Shot in the dark here guys, I am posting this as I am walking out the door at work and won't be able to read responses until I get home. I picked up an old Mauser, looks to be pre-war commercial. Pretty worn down finish, but on the left side of the receiver it clearly says "Made in Germanyicon". It is the Type B style sporting rifle and chambers 8 X 57, but still going to have it cast and slugged to be sure. It has double set triggers with a really scary "Hair trigger". Really fine stock with "Prince of Whales" style rounded pistol grip. Smooth steel butt plate and 2 leaf express type sights. The trigger/ bottom metal and trigger guard are matched serial numbers, but I think it has a replacement bolt. The bore is crisp and clean. It has a 4 digit serial number on the left side of the receiver and again on the barrel. The part that puzzles me is a stamp that looks like "&&" on several parts. My question is does anyone recognize or know what "&&" might mean? Any help or thoughts are appreciated.

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    A photo would help...

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