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Thread: Type 99 Long Rifle

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    Type 99 Long Rifle

    I recently acquired this type 99 from a guy that said it was stored in an attic for many years. When I first got it there was a fair amount of surface rust and some light pitting on the exposed metal. Most of it cleaned up pretty well with an oil rag and brass brush. The exposed metal has taken on a brown patina. The metal under the wood is still brilliant blue with some wear spots on the receiver.

    It is missing the monopod and dust cover. All matching except the firing pin and safety which were missing when the seller found it. Original cleaning rod. Looks like all the bluing has been removed from the bolt.

    I included pictures of all the maker marks that I could find.

    Bought it for $300. Hoping I got a good deal. I don't know a lot about these things.


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