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Thread: 7.65x53 round nose FMJ and other fmj surplus ammo.

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    7.65x53 round nose FMJ and other fmj surplus ammo.

    Specifically looking for round nose 7.65x53 to do testing with... I would gladly purchase ammo made by any manufacturer, as long as it wasn't made in Argentinaicon... But I don't believe Argentine made round nose ammo for this cartridge, despite being a user of it.

    Also interested in any S type light ball, 154 grain and heavy ball S.s. type load 174-182 grain fmj... As long as the ammo wasn't produced in Argentina... Ive had negative experiences with Argentine surplus ammo in 7.65 and 7.62 NATO... (Specifically internal corrosion of brass and powder) So anything but Argentine ammo, please.

    Thank you!!!
    Milsurps I have... bnz 4 K98k (non matching RC.)... Lithgow 1942 SMLE No.1 mk3* (all matching)... dot 1944 K98k (non matching, yugo capture)... 1952 fazakerley No.4 Mk.2 (all matching).... Argentine 1909 mountain carbine (all matching)

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    I have lots of it (see WTS section), but you'd have to drive to Toronto to get it.


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