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Thread: Memorabilia from your time in the service

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    Ah the statute of limitations. Well when we did out Westpac cruise they made up ashtrays for all the officers from fired 5"54 brass shell casings. Mine came out of a dumpster that was on the dock where we were tied up. Then again that was over a half century ago and my ship was scrapped back in 1978. So don't think anyone would be coming for me anytime soon. Went to a gun show in Houston Texas and one dealer had a huge table full of cannon shells that had some impressive artwork done on them. the one piece I still kick my self for not getting was a 8" brass case for one of our 8" gunned heavy cruisers. All I could think about was how I'd get it to my friends truck. I sorta kinda collect these shell casings and you'd find them in funny places. Some I found in scrap yards, some in antique shops. And in one case had an uncle who served in the Britishicon Army in WW1. When he passed my Aunt sent the two that had sat on the mantel above the fireplace for years. 75mm,one cut to resemble an enlisted man's cap, and the other was made to hold a small wooded box of strike anywhere matches. Frank

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