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Thread: Spanish Mauser Question

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    Spanish Mauser Question

    I had some recent luck at an auction and picked up a Type 38, a 1930 Mosin Nagant 91/30, and a very nice Model 1916 Spanish Mauser in original 7mm. The Model 1916 is in excellent shape with all matching numbers except the cocking piece and safety lever. The receiver has the original Fabrica De Armas stamp and dated 1922. The stock is in excellent shape with just a few dings in it. The metal work has a very deep blue on it as if done at the factory. There was some light rust spots on the barrel just below the woodline. There is no import mark on it. I have seen other stories on the internet about these rifles and how they are usually in very poor shape. My question is, like the MAS 36 rifles, was there a mass refurbishment of these rifles prior to their export? This rifle appears to have either had very little use or a recent refurbishment. Thank you for your help.

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