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Thread: EFD Rifles Parts Markings

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    I was under the impression the home of the Lee Enfield family was known as RSAF Enfield Lock, in full, although in everyday speak some call it 'RSAF Enfield', some 'Enfield Lock', & some just 'Enfield', for brevity. During WW2 Maltby & Faz (& no doubt many others) were ROF's. I don't know if they were seen in a different light to justify a different title, or whether 'ROF' was just considered more 'appropriate' by WW2!
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    I believe that the majority of the 0riginal (19th Century) 'Ordnance' factories were closed down after WW1 as we didn't need to 'arm' as that was the war to end all wars.

    In the late 30's, during and after the war 44 new 'Ordnance factories' were opened manufacturing everything from explosives, to Small Arms, to Ammunition, bombs etc.
    It was these that became the RoF's. Any pre WW2 facility retained whatever name it was known by.

    Most were closing down by the early 50's and in the '80s were 'sold off' and privatised and a company called 'Royal Ordnance Plc' was formed, later taken over by Britishicon Aerospace in '87 and subsequently all but one of the RoF's closed down, the remaining one still manufacturing explosives which it sells to the MoD and export customers.

    Many of the old RoF sites have been demolished (others are shopping centres or industrial parks), a few years ago I saw an advert for Lee Enfield parts, I followed up on these and met a guy in a car-park in Yorkshire, he opened the back of his car and there was virtually everything needed to build up 'brand new' No4 Enfield's, I bought some bits and pieces from him but stopped short at buying any 'bodies' (actions)

    It turned out that the guy lived in Maltby and that as the RoF site was being cleared he found a way into the cellars, which were full of 'parts', he seemed to have 'claimed' quite a large collection of bits & pieces (many, number 3 bolt heads !!!)
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    Mine are not the best, but they are not too bad. I can think of lots of Enfields I'd rather have but instead of constantly striving for more, sometimes it's good to be satisfied with what one has...

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    Let's hope he saved the lot!

    "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." W.L.S.C..

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