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Thread: Brand loyalty in reloading

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    Use an RCBS Rockchucker since 1983 with many different dies. Still works excellently. Also a Piggyback that I know has been in use since new in 1984. Still working well as long as you don't rush and check closely.

    Would like a Dillon but can't afford it now.
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    My 1973 Rock Chucker is still going strong with well over 100,000 rifle rounds through it.(Not counting the pistol rounds so maybe the same amount.) When I started the only dies around were Lyman. They were OK and later I got some RCBS dies used but still good shape. I picked up a set of Redding dies in 30-06 but not impressed by them. Later Lee dies came about and the mil surplus rounds started to flow. Hey I don't load a lot of 6.5 Carcano or Japaneseicon BUT I can as the dies were cheap and fit just what I needed. Hey if I load a couple of hundred rounds of .303 or 7.62x54 and don't use the dies again for 5 years I am happy as I have them. My latest Lee dies are in 7.65 Frenchicon long. Starline is making the brass and the dies work like a champ. The problem with the Lyman and the RCBs dies is their pin system for de-capping. Too easy to break or bend a pin. Cheap but you need to have them in stock at your bench all the time. RCBS has a problem with leaving the pin in a tight flash hole sometimes. My .30 carbine Lyman dies were finally worn out but the replacement Lee's I bought have lasted twice as long. But for the money, Lee dies work OK.

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