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Thread: Shocking Good 1917 Results

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    Shocking Good 1917 Results

    Long convoluted story but when check the COAL on my Eddystone with a JA two grove barrel, I found it was more like a Sako with a very deep throat. I am going to whittle down to one or two 1917s and wanted the ones that shot the best.

    I can see why it would not shoot standard length rounds all that good, so to see I took some spare ammo and a kinetic bullet puller and move the bullets out to an Ogive of 2.780. Normal for that bullet is in the 2.680 area and that is pushing the lands a bit though not in them.

    I put my S&K Scope mount on it, a scope I pulled off a Savage that I bought for the action (nice buy). I got it close to the B eye at 50 yards, then out to 100 (snowing). Just used a Red Stick on Dot as that was all I could see, splash green target. I had 5 of a load or R17 under a Nossler 175 gr match (I get them in bulk and low cost)

    About 3 inches at 105 yards. Not too bad, have done better with the peeps at closer range but ok. Last of those.

    Next group up was total of 7 at a gran more. Same thing, Kinetic tool to move the bullets out a bunch, then set them back to 2.780. Keeping in mind just shooting for groups not trying to Bull Eye it, just want to see how it shoots. Ok, shooting at a red stick on, splash close to it. Good enough, snowing, just want to see ball park. Another shot, hmm, can't see where it went. It is wild or right on the first one, hmm.

    Get 5 in, it looks like maybe they are hitting but if so its amazingly close.

    Well the first 5 were 3/4 inch. I was a bit shocked, but have had some good shoots and then went wild. Ok, 3 more left, set them to length and put it to a better test.

    Ok, I can see a splash but still pretty good, a bit more open. The Total was 7 x 1 1/4 inch.

    It it shoots that good regularly its going to spoil me and raise my expectations.

    I cant see even the good 1917 peep sights out that far so its a scope to do it. I am working on the Eyepal stick on to your eyeglass peep to see if I can come up with a set of range eyeglasses I can stick on permanently. I can shoot 100 yards with that setup but the static cling thing quits working and I need to tape them on.

    I was not sure how peep on peep would work but it does wonders as it does for a V or U notch sight. I can shoot my pistols pretty well again with it.

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    Outstanding shooting! When I reload for my 303, I too set the bullets out as far as possible (without hitting the magazine). Groups closed up substantially. Modern components help, too. Be nice to see that rifle...

    Again, great shooting.

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