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Thread: Elk hunting with the Krag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surpmil View Post
    You mean younger than them?

    Good time to be in the woods - the ticks are dead or laying low.

    Everything about this says practical, well thought-out, economical and devoid of "hardware-vanity".

    Bicycles worked in a lot more places than the Ho-Chi-Min trail too. We have all sorts of e-bikes now, but is anyone building an "off-grid, off-road" variety? Of course weight is the perpetual problem I know: who wants to drag all that hardware around when pedalling?

    Have run-flat tires for bikes arrived yet?

    What's the rifle leaning against the tree?

    And you're using a down mummy bag and moisture migrates through that you find?

    Hello Surp! The rifle I picked up about 12 years ago at Doc's Gun Barn in Pocatello. We were hunting in the Centennial Mountains in SE ID that year and there wee some long-shot situations so I broke down and bought a 7 mag. This one was built by a Pocatello gunsmith on a Kar 98 action and is extremely accurate. Mostly though I use the Kragicon because I like it so much. This year Paul brought his .35 Whelen along, so I used that in a couple open-country situations. It only weighs 7-some, scope and all, lighter than my iron-sighted Krag.

    My bags were a 0f-rated marmot polyester fill mummy bag, a Slumberjack 10-pounder and for a pad under me an old flannel and poly camping bag. I gave Paul the Slumberjack 'cause he was shivering like nobody's business. I have interlocking foam floor squares I put down on the tent floor, so that is another layer of insulation, but it doesn't let moisture pass ... the old bag I use as a pad gets loaded with condensate but the oisture never gets to me inside the mummy.

    FWIW I'm 75 and Paul is 72 and we hunt on foot.


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