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Thread: Ishapore 2A1 Magazine NY Legal

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    Ishapore 2A1 Magazine NY Legal

    I'm a collector in NY state and am trying to figure this one out. I own several Lee Enfield Riflesicon and eventually want to have a complete collection. What I've been looking at for my next addition to the collection is an Ishapore 2A1. However, NY state law says that you can't possess a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds or can readily be assembled to hold more than 10 rounds and the standard 2A1 mag is 12 rounds. I know that these mags work the same way as all Lee mags so if I find a 2A1 that has a mag that works with it and feeds right I don't want to have to give it up and try and find an aftermarket 10 round mag that works. I also want an original mag for historical accuracy purposes. Is there anything I can do to keep the standard issue mag but still own it in NY? If I found one on gunbroker.com, is it legal to have the seller's FFL or gunsmith permanently block the mag before it is shipped to my FFL? I don't think it's legal to ship the mag to me in pieces and then block it myself before reassembling it but like everything with the NY SAFE Act that is not 100% clear. If anyone has dealt with this or has any advice to give that would be greatly appreciated.

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    The standard 2A1 mag was 10 rounds but there was a 12 too. You'd need to ask whoever rules NYS if blocking a mag makes it legal. Lotta daft rules around. Up here, rifle mags are limited to 5 except for M1 Rifles and Lee-Enfields and a few others. All are exempt by name. A 20 rounder for an M-14 or the like is worth 10 years in jail. Mind you, a real semi'd M-14 is evil now. So is an M1Aicon.
    I suspect asking a smithy to do it would cost more than the mag is worth. Might and probably is just a change of follower. Dunno for sure. And a mag in pieces is still in your possession.
    Gunparts lists new GPC, 10 round, mags at $56.25.
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